17/11/14 Tereza Buskova

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Tereza Buskova (b.1978, Prague) is a Czech artist based in Birmingham, UK. She completed an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 2007. Her practice captures and renews folk traditions through the combination of film making, screen printing and performance. For Open Forum she will unveil for the first time images that have been found through extensive research into folklore since 2005. These images of objects, rituals and people are key to her practice.

“Beginning with improvised tableaux vivant and ritualistic narrative-free performance, costumes, props, models and makeup are my tools. I put raw human sexuality in the spotlight. It is an unavoidable keystone of our existence bound up in our folklore and traditions. Given my Czech origins this work is actively steeped in Bohemian symbols and myths.”

This Open Forum is a collaboration with Performance Art Oslo where Tereza Buskova will be performing alongside Zoe Simon who has modeled as the key protagonist, and perhaps her alter ego for the past six years. Since graduating from the RCA she has been exhibited by David Roberts and Anita Zabludowicz. As well as receiving sponsorship from a number of art collectors, the Arts Council UK have provided grants for two of her past projects (Spring Equinox, Masopust). She has exhibited in a broad range of different spaces including a billboard print installation among the ancient flora of Lincoln’s Chambers Farm Wood.

Link to Performance Art Oslo festival 2014

November 4, 2014
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