03/11/14 Helga-Marie Nordby (SALT)

Installation by Yang Fudong. Photography Gunnar Holmstad.

Installation by Yang Fudong. Photography Gunnar Holmstad.

SALT is a unique cultural platform – creative, historical, environmental and communal – that brings together art, architecture, music and food in the Arctic landscape. SALT starts out on a beach in Northern Norway before, over the coming years, travelling across the northernmost part of our planet. SALT is an ambitious and inspiring concept designed to stir the imagination using the nature and history of the Arctic as the framework for strong arts and cultural experiences.

The world is watching the Arctic, where climate changes are currently manifesting themselves twice as fast as in the rest of the world. This is where an estimated 22 percent of the world’s currently unexploited oil reserves are to be found but is, at the same time, one of the world’s most fragile areas. What will happen when the Arctic becomes even more ice-free and nations and global corporations start seriously demanding the extraction of oil and minerals? Curator Helga-Marie Nordby will present the challenging and interesting process of creating such an interdisciplinary out door project with a focus on the art and architectural program and her collaboration with the Chinese film maker Yang Fudong.

Nordby is a freelance curator based in Berlin and initiator of SALT- A nomadic initiative of art, culture and environment in the Arctic. As Director of Academy of Contemporary Art, University of Tromsø in Northern Norway (2009-2012) she was building up the youngest Art Academy in Norway now based in a former brewery in the Centre of Tromsø. From 2004 – 2009 she was the Director and curator of Young Artists ‘Association (UKS) in Oslo. Here she curated a number of exhibitions with a focus on young Scandinavian artists. Since 2009, she is the Artistic leader of Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF), a festival for contemporary art taking place in the Lofoten Islands, just above the Arctic Circle in the North of Norway since 1999. She curated the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial in 2013 and the UKS-Biennial in 2004. 

October 28, 2014
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