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Hans Christian

«Training»: instruction, teaching, coaching, indoctrination. 
Alternate meanings: exercise(s), working out, preparation. 
«Idrett» –
comes from the Norse word «Id», meaning occupation or activity, and «Drott», meaning power, strength or stamina. Originally this referred to all forms of highly distinguished skill, including music, poetry and runic writing. 

Transforming Kunstnernes Hus into an athletics track and concert stage Hans Christian van Nijkerk will perform a range of works from his performance repertoire. Nijkerk will literally «show, don’t tell», seeking to boldly explore through improvisation where no performer explored before. Direct audience feedback is integral to Nijkerk’s performance work, he often brings his ideas into the public and develops them in front of and together with an audience. Attempting to push the envelope of his own work by operating outside of his comfort zone, he will challenge the audience to step out of their own comfort zone.

Hans Christian van Nijkerk (b. 1982) is a Norwegian / Dutch visual artist, performer and musician living in Bergen. He earned his bachelor in contemporary art in Tromsø. Hans Christian’s primary artistic expression is performance, live as well as video-based. Furthermore, he works with music, sound, photography, text and installation. In his work Hans Christian explores – often using humor – themes such as the audience, communication technology, greed, desire, memories, transience and death. His latest partly autobiographical project deals with competition and athletics. He has performed and exhibited at Silverlens Gallery (Singapore), NNKS (Svolvær), Small Projects (Tromsø), the Norwegian national poetry slam championship (Oslo) and Dansens Hus (Oslo). www.kerkart.com

September 30, 2014
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