15/09/14  Stefanie Hessler

Salong Flyttkartong, "Ormkuken", 2014, textile, black spray paint, 170x240 cm

Salong Flyttkartong, “Ormkuken”, 2014, textile, black spray paint, 170×240 cm

Schismogenesis, a term coined by cyberneticist Gregory Bateson to describe progressive differentiation between groups, but also trends and counter movements, denotes the reaction of individuals to other individuals, and takes the shape of reciprocatively amplifying curves in aspiration for release of tension through total involvement. What happens if a group is isolated from the rest has been found on the Galapagos Islands – species develop differently either because of a lack of competition or due to changed environmental conditions. Stefanie Hessler will present concepts from cybernetics, biology and social psychology relating to mutual influencing and chain reactions of assimilation and differentiation.

Stefanie Hessler is an independent curator and writer from Germany, currently based in Sweden. She is the co-founder and director of the art space Andquestionmark in Stockholm (with Carsten Höller). Recent curated projects include exhibitions at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation with a screening at Moderna Museet in Stockholm; Lugar a Dudas in Cali; Invaliden1 in Berlin; Die Ecke in Santiago de Chile and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Hessler regularly writes for art magazines and has published articles in several exhibition catalogs, for instance for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile and Museum DKM in Duisburg, and co-edited books published by Capacete, Brazil and Art & Theory, Sweden. During the 2010 Bienal de São Paulo, Hessler initiated and wrote the blog “Studio Visits” for the Goethe-Institut in Brazil. Hessler is currently curating the exhibition “Speed” at the Museum of Modern Art in Recife and co-curating the 8th MOMENTUM Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art in Moss. 

September 9, 2014
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