05/05/14 Adam Sutherland

Grizedale arts is a collective of people using creative process in ordinary life to enliven and inspire, creating new economic and cultural models drawn from context and practical viability. The organisation has a base on a remote small holding and works predominately in the village and valley on everyday life. Art projects are normally reserved for international showcasing – a kind of propaganda for the core approach. Recent projects include Van Abbe Museum, Anyang Public Arts programme Korea, Turner Prize, Hai- art Finland.

Adam Sutherland is the gardener, cleaner, potter and director of Grizedale arts. His talk will cover a brief history of the land art programme, the evolution of GA’s current way of working and the ongoing development and ambitions of the programme.  Grizedale attempts to make art not only useful but also essential to everyones working life.

April 30, 2014
Written by Åpent forum

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