28/04/14 Petra Hanáková on Július Koller

Universal Folkloric Custom 1, 2 (U.F.O.) – Čičmany. 1978. SNG Bratislava

Universal Folkloric Custom 1, 2 (U.F.O.) – Čičmany. 1978. SNG Bratislava

Petra Hanáková; Július Koller: „A man like any other but still one of a kind”

Join us for Open Forum and a talk by curator Petra Hanáková, on the work and cultural significance of the late Slovak artist Július Koller (1939-2007). Providing an insight into Július Koller’s cultural gesture the presentation will focus not only on the photo-conceptual work of Július Koller but also on his larger cultural background, presenting him as an artist playing a sort of double game on the Socialist art scene. Hanáková will dicuss Koller’s antihappenings, anti-pictures, U.F.O.-nauts and cultural situations, and further concentrating on several special topics (cultural and archeological research, E. von Däniken as inspiration, Kveta Fulierová – JK’s partner and Muse and her conceptual “artefactualisation”). The presentation promises to be strongly visual, based on the rich collection of Július Koller’s work and archive of the Slovak National Gallery.

Petra Hanáková graduated in Art History and Film Studies in Bratislava. Since 2003 she has been working in the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava as curator of the Intermedia Collection. Together with Aurel Hrabušický they prepared a voluminous Július Koller’s Science-fiction Retrospective in 2010. She works as curator, art writer and film critic.

April 22, 2014
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