Hooman Sharifi

OPEN FORUM 5/12/2011

Born and raised in Iran, Sharifi is now a Norwegian Citizen. He arrived in Norway solitarily in 1989 at the age of 15. His experience in dance started with hip-hop and street-jazz. Later, at the age of 21, came the technical training of classical ballet and modern dance. In 1997 he was accepted to the 3-year course in choreography with the National College of Ballet and Dance in Oslo, from which he graduated in spring 2000. He has always had an interest in the “cross-work” of dance and theatre, and after graduating he has worked with dramatic as well as visual art. In 2000 he established Impure Company. The statement “art equals politics” where social awareness and commitment defines the word politics, marks the outset for Impure Company and signifies what art is and should be.

April 2, 2012
Written by Åpent forum

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