24/03/14 Tom Morton


Drawing (among other sources), on the biolithic technologies found in The Flintstones, the desk of Sigmund Freud, and his own exhibition The World is Almost Six Thousand Years Old: Contemporary Art & Archaeology from the Stone Age of the Present, which took place across venues across the historic city of Lincoln, UK, in 2013, Tom Morton will discuss burial and exhumation, things loss, found, and (mis) understood.

Tom Morton (b.1977) is a London-based curator, writer, and Contributing Editor of Frieze. He was co-curator, with Lisa Le Feuvre, of the quintennial travelling exhibition British Art Show 7 (2010-2011), and has worked as a curator at the Hayward Gallery (2008-2011) and Cubitt Gallery, London (2006-2007). His 2013 exhibitions included the major survey British British Polish Polish – Art from Europe’s Edges in the Late 90s and Today at the CSW Ujadowski Castle, Warsaw, and ‘It Means It Means!’, a collaboration with artist Charles Avery at Perrotin, Paris, and Pilar Corrias, London. Morton’s writing has appeared in numerous exhibition catalogues, and in journals including frieze, Frog, Bidoun, and Metropolis M.

March 18, 2014
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