20/01/14 D.O.R


“Spiritual ideas like love and peace, are in-comprehensible without a relationship. This is our situation today and we must understand that, and this is crucial, we are completely depended on both the radiant and the deviationist in this process. This transcendence to the potent and brutal core of our lingual capabilities can be dangerous. To avoid lingual catastrophe we need to instrumentalize the hidden silence of cosmos, and once again bring our bodies for the beast of mythos and unspokenness.” – Cindy Barbera

Join us for the launch of a new season of Open Forum with a performance-fused lecture by D.O.R. An artist collective based in Oslo, D.O.R define their practice through the self-coined term Neo-relational. “Neo-relationel is summing up the spirit of this practice – means being in favour of the defeat of the logo-centrism of Western culture and a pragmatism restoring the importance of instinct to the work of art”, and, “Neo-relational has provided a contextual answer to the general catastrophe of history and culture moving beyond the pure materialism of techniques and new materials and coming to the in actuality of performance meant as the ability of giving back to the creative process its intense negotiable, the depth of an action which does not renounce the pleasure of representation and narration”

January 13, 2014
Written by Åpent forum

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