11/11/2013 Guy Mannes-Abbott

Palestine Wadi Idyll nr Ain Qiniya

Guy Mannes-Abbott is a writer, essayist and critic who lives and works in London, UK. He is the author of In Ramallah, Running (2012, Blackdog Publishing), the longest and latest in a singular series of texts: poems, stories and aphorisms called e.things, which have been exhibited, published and performed alongside the work of leading British and International artists. Recently he has collaborated with Bombay-based CAMP on a film for Folkestone Triennial (2011), contributed a short story for Drone Fiction (Global Art Forum 7, Dubai 2013) and exhibited a wall text for Moderation[s] at Witte de With, Rotterdam (2013). For the lecture at Open Forum, Mannes-Abbott will read from his recent highly-acclaimed book In Ramallah, Running which has been described as follows;

“The book interleaves short condensed texts conjuring his habitual running through the city to its limits, with longer texts venturing out to, along, off and beyond the Occupation’s starker limits. Together they render city, surrounding hills and valleys with intimacy and concreteness both potent and poetic.”

In the lecture Mannes-Abbott will also touch upon his participation in the international artist coalition Gulf Labor which has as goal to ensure that migrant worker rights are protected during the construction and maintenance of museums on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Image: courtesy, Guy Mannes-Abbott, 2010

November 5, 2013
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