30/09/2013 Steffen Håndlykken and Stian Eide Kluge from 1857

1857 Portrait

Steffen Håndlykken (b. 1981) and Stian Eide Kluge (b. 1977), are artists based in Oslo, both graduates of Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo – Håndlykken from Kunstfag and Kluge from Kunstakademiet.

Håndlykken and Kluge have worked together to establish 1857, an artist-run exhibition space in Grøland, downtown Oslo since 2010. In the former lumberyard, they have been presenting young artists from abroad and have been dedicated to form connections between the local art scene and the international. According to the artists the vision of 1857 is to create a platform to convene and converge, receive, answer and honor contemporary art in Oslo.

Recent exhibitions include MADE TO MEASURE (Jimmy Robert), SUNBATHERS (David Douard, Aude Pariset, Adele Röder, Camilla Wills) and TUSSIE–MUSSIE (Liudvikas Buklys, Allison Katz, Theodor Kittelsen, Rolf Stenersen, Ruth White, Federico Domínguez Zacur).


September 25, 2013
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