collab.: Mingxuan Tan + Carl Aquilizan

collab. first event 17.09.18
18.00 @ Khartoum Contemporary Art Center!

Mingxuan Tan + Carl Aquilizan


Mingxuan Tan is a ceramics artist currently pursuing her master degree in Art and Craft department at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Mingxuan is interested in the relationship between the object and the body. She is curious about how the movement of the human body could change and activate the energy of interior space.

Carl Aquilizan is a freelance dance artist/choreographer who recently showed his work at Dans/5 2018. The piece he created was inspired by ideas and principles from Butoh. Carls work involves a lot of improvisation and in the moment decisions.

During the evening the artists will present the outcome of an intense and intuitive collaboration between two age-old practises.

Free soup at 18.00!
Student beer!

collab. is a student run initiative from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo that creates and presents new collaborations between different practices, both within and outside the art field.Every other Monday night we present the outcome of the collaboration at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center. Free soup and student priced beers will be served from 18:00.

Through an Open Call we have offered a match-making service to make your project come true with the help of a collaborator you didn’t know existed.

September 20, 2018
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