Åpent Forum: Hanan Benammar + OWO: Mattias Cantzler

Photo by Youcef Krache, Playground by Hanan Benammar, 2015

Monday 14.05 at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center

KCAC open 16 – 01
Soup served at 18:00
Exhibition opens 19:00
Open Forum talk at 20:00

What does it mean to make art inquiring themes of botanical, geo-political, geological and anthropological or sociological studies in deserted landscapes in different continents, while also developing concepts of sharing and hospitality in Norway, working on curatorial projects and dedicating oneself to noise music as well as conceptual art? Can art be a meaningful tool to investigate oneself and the environment surrounding us, providing an alternative way to express thoughts and possibly enable changes in the world?
Hanan Benammar will be with us on Monday 14th for some reflections departing from her own artistic practice as a means to approach different questions already present in the world and tackling them using art making as a tool.

Hanan Benammar (born in 1989) is an Algerian/French artist based in Oslo who works conceptually on geopolitical, environmental and social issues. She also organises and curates art projects as part of her artistic practice. Benammar holds an MA from the Art Academy of Oslo and a second MA from the Dutch Art Institute (Netherlands).She has exhibited and performed in several places, lately at Musée de la Camargue (Arles), Gallery RAM (Oslo), Edge of Wrong (Cape-Town), Radikal Unsichtbar (Hamburg) and Radiophrenia (Glasgow).
Hanan also works collaboratively for Vandaler forening artist run platform with many wonderful friends, as well as the Carnival Union and First Supper Symposium. Most of her works are made on a long time period or dedicated to a process that will unfold on a life-time scale. One Work Only selected artist for the night is Mattias Cantzler, presenting his 16mm film Stone Mapping.


May 10, 2018
Written by Åpent forum

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