21.11.2016 Freek Lomme



Rhetorical Truths in the Design Realm

Inspired by progressive cultural practices, signalising trends within these and having the sum resonating within broader cultural scope, Freek Lomme is a host, forerunner, inspirer and node exploring and structuring present culture both in theory and discourse by mediating real exchange on site. His personal motto in life, to conceptualise cultural wonder, mirrors itself within the produced public settings wherein people relate their wonder within the narrated structures on the subjects and challenges he set’s out for with determination and generosity.

In his talk Lomme will discuss the way truths are sourced, how this reflects the foundation of our contemporaneity, what is included and excluded and how we can imagine this differently. He will do so by proposing two forms of truth,  as a think model to consider the approach and motivation whereby we portray and engage our reality.


Freek Lomme is a mediator, debater, lecturer and catalyst in cultural positions. He is an (in)dependent curator, writer, editor, lecturer and moderator for diverse commissioners ranging from museums to independent spaces and such, different art schools in different countries and continents, various magazines and more. Nevertheless, he is primarily known as founding director and present cleaner, fundraiser, warehouse-manager and everything else of exhibition space and publisher Onomatopee, which he founded in 2006 together with a friend.

He studied arts and science at the University Maastricht, holds an MA in art policy and cultural identity, but learned in practice. He is particularly interested in visual culture within the experience economy, modes of collaboration and organisation. At large, he practices a sort of poetic and experimental conceptualisation of wonder.



November 15, 2016
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