29/10/2012 Lars Øyno on Theater of Cruelty

Kunsten og døden. Den regressive vei til resultatet. Den alkymistiske skuespiller. Art and death. The regressive road to ends. The alchemical actor.

Lars Øyno (b. 1955) is an actor and director and has raised 21 productions as chairman and director of Grusomhetens Teater (Theater of Cruelty) since 1992. What is Theater of Cruelty? Who is Antonin Artaud who gave name to this tradition? Øyno has particular methods and reasons for the choices taken towards the actors on stage. Every contour matters. And what demands are we to have from artists in the modern capitalist liberalism? Øyno lives and works in Oslo.


December 2, 2012
Written by Åpent forum

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