03/12/2012 Cornelius von Jakhelln on GewaltKunstWerk–Art as war and bravery as a virtue for the struggling artist

DAS GEWALTKUNSTWERK: Our intention as artists is to subject you to a massive attack by creative means, to challenge your aesthetic preferences and possible propensities for safety & security. We want you to leave our halls in an excited & heated emotional state. We want to move & seduce you, threaten & transport you into

an awareness of the beauty of the GewaltKunstWerk, or the violent work of art.

GewaltKunstWerk is a project bringing artists from opposite camps together, with retrogarde painters facing artists of the avantgarde. The one common denominator for GewaltKunstWerk is, as the title implies, the work of art as a vehicle for destructive & violent forces, be it erosion, oblivion, or war between nations, groups or individuals.

Art is war & the sacred calling of the artist as soldier & fighter in the world of symbols. Art is everything we can get away with. Art is what we are willing to die for.
– Text from Cornelius von Jakhelln

CORNELIUS VON JAKHELLN (b. 1977) is a Norwegian writer, musician and critic. He received his MA in Philosophy from the University of Sussex in 2003 and also holds degrees in Literature and Philosophy from Paris IV-Sorbonne. In 2010, he founded the 3rd Regiment Berlin, a division of the Art Militia. In November this year, von Jakhelln curated the GewaltKunstWerk group exhibition at Kristiansand Kunsthall, where the 3rd Regiment Berlin and guest artists elaborated on the violent work of art.

December 2, 2012
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