31/03/14 Olav Asheim & John Richard Sageng

Philosophical Aspects of Computer Games

Olav Asheim and John Richard Sageng will present and discuss the “Third Place” project, an ongoing research project exploring philosophical questions that arise an analysis of the mentality and behavior of players; as well as from the societal consequences of the production, distribution and consumption of such games.. John Richard Sageng will in particular go into the relationship between virtuality and representation in computer games, and Olav Asheim will discuss the relationship between the ontology of acts and objects in a game and the implications for the ethical evaluation of gameplaying.

Olav Asheim is a professor of philosophy at the University of Oslo. His research interests lie primarily within the files of philosophical logic and metaphysics, with the study of philosophical problems related to computer games as an extension. John Richard Sageng is a research affiliate at the Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, the University of Oslo. He is also an editor of the anthology “The Philosophy of Computer Games”, published by Springer. They have initiated an international conference series on philosophical problems that arise from the study of computer games.

March 26, 2014
Written by Åpent forum

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