New Program: Autumn 2014

New Program – Autumn 2014

This autumn the Open Forum program is back with more presentations. Each guest has been asked to consider their mode of presentation using Open Forum as a platform for discussion that does not necessarily have to conform to the standard talk format.

Who is relying on what, and what for. When we attend an event we are an audience, a spectator and a number, we are there to absorb what is given to us by those who are controlling the situation. But are we the audience not the ones really controlling the situation. Are we not just as important as those who we perceive to have control. The collective ‘we’ are relied on by the ‘other’, waited for and needed to make ‘their’ situation a reality, without the ‘us’ there is no ‘them’.

08.09.14 Verdensteatret
15.09.14 Stefanie Hessler
22.09.14 Tenthaus
29.09.14 Dronebrygg

06.10.14 Hans Christian Van Nijkerk
13.10.14 Break
20.10.14 Dora Garcia
27.10.14 Sidsel Christensen

03.11.14 Helga-Marie Nordby (SALT)
10.11.14 Break
17.11.14 Tereza Buskova
24.11.14 Harminder Judge

Saskia Holmkvist
08.12.14 Henrik Plenge Jakobsen


Curated by Alan Armstrong and Amelia Beavis-Harrison

August 26, 2014
Written by Åpent forum

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