28/10/2013 Ingrid Hjertaker


Ingrid Hjertaker is a political scientist, mainly concerned with financial markets and financial regulation as social and political phenomena. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA and has previously studied and researched at University of Oslo and the Peace Research Institute Oslo. She is currently working on a book (with Bent Sofus Tranøy, forthcoming 2014 Cappelen Damm) on financialized capitalism and financial crises.

For this session Open Forum is collaborating with Professor Jeanette Christensen from Kunstakademiet, KHIO and artist Marinne Heier for the Art-Economy-Life seminar, which includes Hjertaker`s research. The seminar is described as follows:

“The Art-Economy-Life seminar aims to question the features of our global culture through considering the interplay between art and economy. It is aimed at examining in what way artistic practice participates within the flows of the market, the seeming immateriality and invisibility of labor today, and the different ways artists are negotiating these new conditions. Through concrete examples and practice we will aim to rethink the question of ‘economy’ away from structures of monetary exchange, to investigate ideas of gift giving, excess, dematerialization, empathy and radical sharing, and to imagine how artistic work can participate in staging new models of common culture.”

October 23, 2013
Written by Åpent forum

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