22/10/2012 Trine Falch on Chicken Courage – On risk and how to fake it


Trine Falch (b. 1963) is a performance artist concerned with all forms of live situations. In 1986, she dropped out of the Theatre Studies program at University of Bergen to join Verdensteatret (art collective, Oslo, 1986-) and later became one of the earlier members of Baktruppen (art collective, Bergen, 1986-2011), through which she explored conceptual theatre that is genre-free and where life and art mingle, always alive and unpredictable. Falch`s works include performance, art intervention, music, writing, and more. She likes to stage her very self, language, and situations in interaction with the inherent theatricalities of the given context. Falch lives in Oslo.

December 2, 2012
Written by Åpent forum

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