18/03/2013 Pia Maria Roll and Hooman Sharifi: HERE COMES EVERYBODY!* (and we’re bringing them home)

Pia Maria Roll and Hooman Sharifi on the mixture of ideology and chemistry in documentary theater practices

When humans meet, it is often a bizarre mixture of ideology and chemistry that are being put into play. When I first met Matt, one of the top executives in the Norwegian state oil company, Statoil, I had been researching the company’s international investment for quite some time. It was a beautiful spring day, we went for a walk in the park, and while I was carrying his lovely baby girl, he was telling me all about Statoil’s quest for drilling licenses in every possible corner of the world. Horror and tulips. Matt ended up participating on video in the performance Ship O’Hoi!, which I made in collaboration with Hooman Sharifi. This participation of high finance power in a theater production led to numerous fights and disagreement within the theater company. Does art function as a condom that protects against ideological influence? Are collaboration and dialogue always a quality in themselves as long as they are under the bedspread of art?

*James Joyce’s sketch for Finnegans Wake, considered the most uncomprehensible text in the Western literature canon.

Pia Maria Roll and Hooman Sharifi invite the audience to reflect on ideology, politics and human relations in the art scene.

Pia Maria Roll is a theater artist and actor. She has won acclaim for performances as The Street Scene and Over Evne III, created in collaboration with Marius Kolbenstvedt. Her last performance, Ship O’Hoi!, made in collaboration with Hooman Sharifi, has recently won Torshovtheatret Pris 2012.

Hooman Sharifi is a choreographer. Sharifi graduated from the National Academy of Dance in Oslo in 2000, with an inter- est in the interdisciplinary practice in dance, theater and visual arts, and the same year established a dance company called Impure Company with a belief that “art equals politics.”

**No video published

March 17, 2013
Written by Åpent forum

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