08/04/2013 Morten A. Strøksnes: Writing in Conflict Zones

Morten Andreas Strøksnes (b. 1965) is an intellectual historian, journalist and author of critically acclaimed books. Mostly in the form of literary reportage, his works serve as portraits and take the readers with him to the wilderness and prison cells. His contribution to the major Norwegian newspapers and magazines in- cludes working as editor and journalist for the Morgenbladet until 2004 and writing regular columns in Stavanger Aftenblad, Bergens Tidende, and Nordlys. In 2011, Strøksnes has received the Norwegian Språk- prisen (Language Prize) for two of his books, Et mord i Kongo (A Murder in the Congo, 2010) and Hva skjer i Nord-Norge? (What Happens in Northern Norway?, 2006), and his work in the press. In 2010, he has also been nominated for the Norwegian Brageprisen (Brage Prize) for the book, Et mord i Kongo, which investi- gates the murder mystery of a Congolese driver who was found shot and killed on a highway in East Congo. His latest book, Tequiladagbøkene. Gjennom Sierra Madre (Tequila Diaries. Throughout the Sierra Madre), was published in October 2012. Most recently, together with performance artist Amund Sveen Sjølie, he has founded the Barents Liberation Army at the 2013 Barents Spektakel, an artistic metaphor for an anti-coloni- alistic, revolutionary movement for the future of the Barents Region. Strøksnes lives in Oslo.

April 5, 2013
Written by Åpent forum

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