Jean-Baptiste Farkas

OPEN FORUM 13/2/2012

The less: A conference of Jean-Baptiste Farkas

“The abundance of everything disturbs me. This is why the less plays a vital role in the approach I have gradually elaborated. In my opinion, the less is a way out (an exit), or — even, maybe — THE way out. This is why in the present context, removing is a major gesture. This idea can be summarized in a few words: Too much of everything? Lust for less!”

“I consider that:
– The art object is a burden, it has become inessential.
– In the present context, subtraction is a major gesture.
– Our opinion of authorship, based upon the idea that there is “one single author behind each work of art,” is a delusion, a shortcut that has to be rethought.
– The exhibition is an outdated stylistic device that needs to be abandoned in favor of other approaches, such as maneuvers or operations. As an artist working in the Biennale de Paris, I propose services through two identities, IKHEA©SERVICES and Glitch. When someone asks me to qualify my practice, I state that instead of displaying art products, I operate in everyday reality. To operate in everyday reality characterizes an art practice that relegates art to the background in order to conquer everyday reality.”

The conference will be preceded by a workshop with Jean-Baptiste Farkas, the same day from 12 til 4 at Grupperom 2.

Here more information about it:

– You collect 1 or several objects at your place. (Exemple: Furniture, books, electronic devices, clothes, etc.)
– You bring it to the workshop, Grupperom 2, Kunstakademiet, at 12.
– You give us the object, and invent a scenario of destruction. (exemple: burned, cut in 50 pieces, smashed, etc.)
– We will destroy the object during 4 hours, and Jean-Baptiste Farkas will give a conference at 19.00 in the auditorium for Open Forum, about his work in general and this Service in particular.
In the second part of his talk, we will present some documentation realised during the day.
– We need 15 participants, minimum, 2 of them will be in charge of the destructions.

April 4, 2012
Written by Åpent forum

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